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KUMBH MELA "A Spiritual Consciousness"

kumbh mela celebration

Kumbh Mela is celebrated at Prayag; When On the day of Amavasya, Brihaspati (Jupiter) enters into Vrisabha (Taurus) and Surya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon) are positioned with Makara (Capricorn). Thus these all planetary configuration repeat every 12years and thus Maha Kumbh Mela also comes after the same interval.... +Read More

Kumbh is Pot symbolizing various elements in Hindu religion i.e Knowledge, assembly of God, Treasure known and unknown. Mahakumbh means a large pot where knowledge is processed and given to masses for the benefit of huminity. The tradition of Maha Kumbh teaches the way of "The best utilization of our knowledge".

According to holy books, Due to Loss to Knowledge a crisis like situation occurred at earth and gods were clueless, they approached lord Shiva for solution, lord suggested Churning of Ocean named as ksheer Sagar, God lead by Lord Indra and Demons were lead by noble King Bali they agreed to partner the churning process, Lord Vishnu took the form of Tortoise on which roller can be placed for churning mountain Mandrachal was made roller, King of snakes was made the rope for churning, from which 14 Ratna (valuables) were produced. In the same process of churning of ocean "The Pot of Immortality" (Amrit Kalas) was also produced. It is believed that those who drink Am rit become immortal.

According to holy books, during the battle between the Gods and Demons (Devasur Sangram) churning of ocean was done, from which 14 Ratan(valuables) were produced. In the same process of churning of ocean "The Pot Of Immorality" (Amrit Kalas) was also produced. It is believed that those who drink Amrit becomes immortal. Because of this region Lord Vishnu divided the Amrit only in the Gods. After the division of Amrit between the Gods, the leftover of Amrit was kept safe with God Indra.

Other Legend has different story:

Once upon a time, wife of saint Kardan who was mother of Garudji got cursed (sharapit) by her second wife (sautan) when she lost to her. To get free from her curse (sharap) she needed the drink of immortality (Amrit). Garudji went to God Indra (king of all Gods) for the pot of immortality (Amrit). During the process of acquiring Amrit for her mother, he had a battle with Indra (king of all Gods). During the time of battle where ever the Amrit Kalas (pot of immortality) was placed, Maha Kumbh is organized and celebrated there.

Another believes is, during the churning of ocean when the pot of immortality (Amrit Kalas) was produced, Demons escaped way with the pot of immortality (Amrit Kalas). While they were escaping with pot of immortality (Amrit Kalas), few drops of Amrit fell on four different places. At these four places, where the drop of Amrit (immortality) fell Kumbh is organized and celebrated there.

The Four Places where Maha Kumbh Mela is celebrated are;