Luxury Chardham by Helicopter

6 Days


This is formally the beginning day of the Chardham yatra. Guests might be picked up from Hotel via way of means at 06:00 hrs sharp and brought to Sahastradhara helidrome. They must be prepared to test out via way of means of 05:45 hrs. Warm greetings from India Pilgrimage!  We,  at India Pilgrimage, have won a large revel over a period & offering dependable, devoted, and pleasant offerings to the pilgrims traveling to holy shrines Chardham Yatra. We can proudly say, offerings wherein consumer revel in has continually been our pinnacle priority. And, we guarantee you our dependable and concerned offerings at some stage in your Chardham journey, as our crew shall stay dedicated to creating this auspicious yatra very unique and remarkable for you.


Day 1 :

Dehradun is the beginning and finishing factor of this yatra. The first day of your adventure will be spent at Dehradun. We deliver our visitors a complimentary live on their arrival at Dehradun. This relaxation is a lot wanted for them earlier than they begin their Chardham adventure with us.

We shall select out up the visitors from Dehradun airport as in line with their scheduled arrivals, or from railway station, and drop them to inn. Airport to Dehradun inn might be an approx. 02-and-a-1/2 of-hour adventure through road.

Upon arrival, visitors will be checked-in to their rooms. In the night, visitors will be briefed through our workforce approximately the tour and shall hand over duffel baggage to hold the bags for his or her adventure in advance. All touch info of our involved employees of every dham can also be shared with the passengers.

Guests are required to shift handiest their vital bags withinside the duffel baggage supplied to them. They will now no longer be allowed to hold their personal bags and baggage withinside the helicopters. Therefore, they're counseled to preserve handiest the vital gadgets along side them.

Meals Dinner at Hotel

After a very good day’s relaxation, visitors might be sparkling and equipped to begin their adventure in advance.

Day 2 :

05:45 hrs: Check out from Dehradun Hotel
06:30 hrs: Dehradun from Sahastradhara to Kharshali
07:00 hrs: Arrival Kharshali

This is formally the beginning day of the Chardham yatra. Guests might be picked up from Hotel through 0600 hrs sharp, and brought to Sahastradhara helidrome. They ought to be equipped to test out through 0545 hrs.

Breakfast will be served at Kharsali inn, in order that visitors can go away their inn early morning on time.
Luggage of the visitors will be saved on the inn, which will be passed again to them on the quit in their Chardham adventure.
Guests will be briefed through the Ground group at Sahastradhara, earlier than we take-off for Kharsali.
On arrival at Kharsali helipad, visitors will be checked-in to their resort, that is at strolling distance from helipad. Guests can get refreshed for his or her adventure in advance to the Yamunotri dham.
After freshening up, they'll begin their hiking adventure in the direction of Yamunotri dham. Guests ought to be equipped for the trek through 0800 hrs, that allows you to get again to the inn through lunch time. Hotel to temple is a 6 km trek, and go back adventure will take approx. 5hour30 min.
The trek might be performed through Palki/Pony (as in line with the availability and desire of the visitors). Generally, visitors will attain inn through the afternoon 14:00 hrs, wherein the lunch might be organized. Rest of the day, visitors can also additionally do as they prefer.

All food will be organized in the inn for the visitors. They ought to be equipped on a subsequent morning for early morning check-out from the inn.

Meals Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Hotel

Day 3 :

07:00 hrs: Departure from Kharshali
07:30 hrs: Arrival Harsil

This day might be the start of your 2d Dham of the yatra. Guests are required to get equipped on time, through 0530 hrs. Breakfast will be served at the inn early morning at 05:30 hrs.
Departure from Kharsali helipad might be through 0700 hrs, and the predicted time of arrival at Harsil might be 07:30 hrs.
Harsil – the heli base of your 2d Dham of the yatra, is one of the maximum lovely and picturesque valleys in Uttarakhand, and additionally referred to as mini Switzerland.
Guests might be first taken to Gangotri Dham for his or her darshan. The adventure from Harsil to Gangotri temple might be performed through road, that is approx. 22 km away. It might be round 50 minutes’ force to the temple.
After the darshan, so one can take approx. three and a 1/2 of hours. After having the VIP darshan, visitors might be introduced to inn.
After freshening-up, lunch will be served at inn. will have a enjoyable time on the inn and revel in the views. This day may be applied to rejuvenate for the relaxation of the yatra.

07:30 hrs: Departure from Kharshali
08:00 hrs: Arrival at Sersi

Guests will need to awaken for an early morning breakfast on the Harsil inn. Following the breakfast, check-out might be performed through 0700 hr for departure to Sersi.

Departure from Harsil might be through 0730 hrs, and the predicted time of arrival at Sersi might be 08:00 hrs. Upon arrival, passengers will alternate their helicopter and might be taken to Kedarnath Dham in HHSPL’s travel helicopter. There might be about three-four hours of ready time on the Sersi helipad.

The helipad at Kedarnath is 500 meters far far from the temple and could take approx. 15 min to attain. On arrival at Kedarnath helipad, visitors might be escorted until their inn. In case Pitthoo is needed at Kedarnath helipad, price for the identical might be borne through the visitors.

Up on check-in at Kedarnath helipad, visitors can move for darshan to Kedarnath dham. Meals shall all be served on the Kedarnath inn.

Guests can attend the completely happy aarti of Kedarnath Dham withinside the night, and get to spend extra time on the temple. Or, they will spend their time as they prefer at Kedarnath pinnacle.

Overnight live might be on the Kedarnath pinnacle handiest. On the subsequent morning, visitors will need to awaken at dawn (or early), to wait the Rudra Abhishek Puja at Kedarnath Dham. Therefore, visitors ought to sleep properly in time, to awaken on time subsequent morning.

Meals Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Hotel

Note: Optional live at Sersi is likewise viable, wherein Triyugi Narayan Temple go to will be organized through us. However, Rudra Abhishek puja will now no longer be viable on this option. Guests might be introduced again identical day to Sersi, from Kedarnath ji, after their VIP darshan at Kedarnath temple.

07:00 hrs: Departure from Kedarnath Hotel
08:00 hrs: Departure from Sersi
08:30 hrs: Arrival at Badrinath Ji

Early morning, the Rudra Abhishek puja will be performed for the visitors, as in line with the time counseled through the temple priest.
Following the puja, visitors will need to get freshened up rapidly to capture their flight from Sersi to Badrinath Ji. In case there might be time at hand, breakfast will be served at Kedarnath inn. Otherwise, it will be performed at Sersi helipad or Badrinath inn.
By 0630 hrs, visitors might be checked-out of inn and taken to Kedarnath helipad through 0700 hrs, to board their flight from Kedarnath to Sersi.
Arrival at Sersi will be performed as in line with the time issue in your date of travel. Departure from Sersi, for Badrinath ji, will be performed through 0800 hrs.
Departure from Sersi for Badrinath ji might be through 0800 hrs. The estimated arrival time might be 08:30 hrs.
Upon arrival, passengers might be taken to Hotel for check-in. Breakfast will be served to visitors, in case they have got now no longer had it yet.
Guests will spend the whole day at Badrinath ji. In the night or afternoon, VIP darshan at Badrinath temple will be organized for them.
After darshan, visitors can also additionally take pleasure in enjoying sports as they prefer. All food might be served at the Badrinath Ji inn.
On a subsequent morning, visitors could have their Maha Abhishek Puja at around 04:30 hrs. Hence, visitors ought to be off to sleep properly in time.
Meals Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Hotel

Day 6 :

04:30 hrs: Maha Abhishek Puja
08:00 hrs: Check out from Badrinath Hotel
08:30 hrs: Departure from Badrinath Ji
09:30 hrs: Arrival at Sahastradhara

Note: Sometimes because of climate conditions/VVIP movements/any military unique landing. Please ee-e book your go-back tickets night after 5:00 pm or more secure aspect subsequent day

Early morning at dawn, passengers might be taken for or her maximum unique Puja of the Chardham adventure – Maha Abhishek Puja.

The Puja might be wrapped through 07:00 hrs, and thereafter taken to the inn for freshening up. Right after accomplishing inn, passengers ought to be equipped for breakfast through 0745 hrs.

After breakfast, visitors will document to the helipad for departure to Dehradun. By 0830 hrs, we can leave Badrinath Ji for Sahastradhara helidrome.

The estimated time of arrival might be 0930 hrs at Sahastradhara. After arrival, visitors might be taken to the Dehradun inn to acquire their bags.
Following that, they will be dropped to the airport/railway station. In case passengers would love to spend a night time at Dehradun, lodging may be organized through HHSPL, at an extra price.
Guests need to tell us at the time of booking, whether or not they'll be heading directly to the airport/railway station or would love to be live a further night time on the inn in Dehradun. After their very last transfer, they will hold their experience as they prefer on their personal. We shall bid farewell to the visitors.
Meals Breakfast at Hotel

“Happy quit of your Chardham yatra”

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Luxury Chardham by Helicopter