Meaning of Maha Kumbh

Meaning of Kumbh

In general Kumbh means “pot”. Essential meaning of Kumbh is bit different. Kalash or Kumbh is used as a signature of life in general. In all the religious function in Hinduism it has an even greater significance, and any function is incomplete without Kalash.

meaning of kumbh

Pot or Kumbh has many synonyms like Kalash is home. It is body. It is stomach,  Ocean, the earth, the Sun, Lord Vishnu, these all are Kalash. Home, Ocean, river, ponds well, everything is regarded as Kalash. Wish and desire both are synonym of Kalash. Lord Vishnu, who himself take rebirth on earth either in living and nonliving form is also regarded as complete Kalash or Kumbh.

Elemental Meaning of Kumbh

  • Kumbh represents the confluence of all the cultural at one place.
  • Kumbh is a spiritual Consciousness.
  • It represents humanity.
  • It’s a source of water.
  • Kumbh represent’s the flow of life.
  • Kumbh is the place where one can experience the combination of river, forest, saint and sage culture.
  • It shows the interdependence and coordination of human and nature.
  • It teaches the difference between life and death, knowledge and ignorance, sin and moral, darkness and light. It’s the source of divine light.
  • Gangotri (in Himalaya), the place from where Divine river Ganges originates, and throughout its way, it integrates the flora and fauna, the different cultural, and everything. All this can be experience at Kumbh. Likewise river Yamuna does the same.
  • Mentions have been made about the Kumbh in the Purana (the holy books), which clearly states that “a person who performs the bathing at Prayag (Allahabad) gains spiritual liberation (moksha), the liberation from the cycle of birth and death”.
  • It is also believed that, a person who baths in the holy water washes way all his Karmic debt.

Being the center of Earth, Prayag is the place from where life has originated. Mentions have been made that, Lord Brahma had performed “Ashvamedha ritual” (अश्वमेध यज्ञ) at the Dashashvemedha Dhar (Pier) (दशाश्वमेध धार) for the start of life on Earth. In way of evidence Dashashvemedha Dhar (दशाश्वमेध धार) and Lord Bramheshvar Mahadev are present till date at this place. This is also one of the reasons behind the importance of Prayag. Kumbh and Prayag are synonyms of each other.

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