Kashi Yatra

kashi yatra

Kashi Yatra – ” the eternal city “

Kashi Yatra is what we call the Varanasi or Banaras tour and it is one of the best spiritual city to be explored. Kashi Yatra is more like a lifetime visit and every person should make a visit to this beautiful city atleast for once. This city has lots of beautiful attractions, the famous Ghats and temples parallel to each other and the colorful ancient buildings which are were made in late centuries and are standing till date also. Kashi Yatra never fails to amaze a person with the ancient beauty. It’s not always that we should talk about the temples and Ghats but sometimes all we need is a wilderness escape from our life.

 Kashi Yatra

Visiting the temples and Ghats in Kashi is a regular thing that is always on the top of the list but the person can also dip into the Ganga and do attempt to wash away his sins, as it is believed in the Hindu mythology. Kashi is the place where one can conquer numerous streets and the knitted buildings. Every place is near to the some Ghat and one can directly go very easily to the Ghat for spending time there. People visit the Ghats for their own reasons, few for the cremation, few for taking dip into the holy river and others just to enjoy. Every way it is fun to be there and the temples which are having the proofs of Ramayana and Mahabharata are one of the attractions for the visitors. Temples are having a strict timing for the Aarti which is held every day during morning and evening.

Kashi Yatra is not completed without taking a tour between the alleys of Kashi and learning the lifestyle of people. You can go for the boat ride during the sun dawn and see how beautiful it looks, it depends upon you to live the moment or to capture those views of river Ganga. Everything about this city is so fascinating that it’ll surely take you around a week to explore but you will be holding some amazing experience in your hands. Kashi Yatra can also be done while a person is on the Char Dham Yatra but then you will be having less of time for it and it can be done during the summers also.

Visiting Kashi city individually can be done during the winters since its weather is much better during winters and a person can find much of relief. Every way the places are beautiful for the wanderers and they never fail to come up with some good interesting explorations. So never just to think about what will be the place giving you but always wander what you can find from it. Kashi Yatra will never fail to give you the best of views and experience in every way of religious and exploring the oldest city of the country. So don’t just wait, explore as much as you can for living the days of your life. Get best deals on sightings, stay & transfer with India Pilgriamge Tour.

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