Panch Prayag Tour

panch prayag tour

A Breathtaking Panch Prayag Tour

Begin your spiritual journey with our breathtaking Panch Prayag Tour. The Garhwal Himalayas is not just enhanced with a spiritualist nature; its snow-topped pinnacles, relentless streams spouting down the tough slants but at the same time it’s a honored land that is home to the main four sanctuaries, the Chota Char Dhams that hold a superb place in Hinduism and in a Hindu Tirtha Yatra. All the four hallowed places fall inside the condition of Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal, properly called the Daivya Bhoomi or favored land. For every one of the sanctums the streams streaming along them expect a heavenly status and are loved as Gods and Goddesses in their material shape.

panch prayag tour

Furthermore, taking a heavenly plunge in any “Prayag” or the conjunction of two streams is held as one impeccable means for sins bathing in the religious ethos of the Hindus since time immemorial. India, the place where there is legends and myths constantly mixes mysticism with its legendary stories and the final product is that the lovers are bound by their confidence in God to trust in those wondrous stories.

Settled in the lap of the beautiful Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand will give you the benefit to feel enchanted and your heart overflowing with devotion since it is home to not maybe a couple “Prayags” but rather upwards of Five Prayags or the Prayag Petand, prominently called the ‘Panch Prayag’. Explore this five magnificent prayag with Panch Prayag Tour. The five Prayags of Uttarakhand are:

  1. Vishnuprayag
  2. Nandaprayag
  3. Karnaprayag
  4. Rudraprayag
  5. Devprayag


Deoprayag yatra

It is the intersection of stream Alaknanda and Bhagirathi and is acclaimed for sanctuaries and waterway ghats. It is trusted that it was at Devprayag where master Vishnu asked for 3 stages of land from King Bali. Fairs are hung on the event of Ramnavmi, Dussherra and Basant Panchami.


Rudra prayag yatra

It is the conjunction of Alaknanda and Mandakini streams and is outstanding for LaxmiNarayan and Durga sanctuaries. In the north of Rudraprayag is Koteshwar where a great many Shivlings are accepted to exist. Tremendous reasonable is facilitated each year on the day on Mahashivratri. Rudraprayag is 32 kms from Karanaprayag.


Panch prayag yatra

It is arranged on the holy conversion of Alaknanda and Pindari streams and is known for the Karna Temple and the Uma Devi Temple. It is trusted that Lord Surya talented Kavatch, Kundal and Tuneer to Karna at Karnaprayag. Karnaprayag has a few sanctuaries bunches KaalBhairov sanctuary committed to Kaleshwar in the North, Jaleshwar sanctuary in the South and Chandika sanctuary and Narayan sanctuary in the East.

Nand Prayag:

nandprayag tour

It is the juncture of Alaknanda and Mandakini streams, around 21 kms from Karnaprayag, on the primary course to Badrinath. The renowned Gopalji sanctuary is arranged here. Nandaprayag has reasonable on the event of Baisakhi and Janmasthami.


vishnu prayag yatra

It is the juncture of Alaknanda and Dhauli Ganga Rivers at 6000 feet above ocean level. Joshimath is only 12 kms from Vishnuprayag.

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