Tungnath Yatra

tungnath yatra

Tungnath Yatra

Tunganath, one of the cogenial ‘Panch Kedars’ cradled amid the lofty snow wrapped peaks of Uttarakhand on Tungnath yatra.  Tungnath is a ruler Shiva holy place and is the most astounding of all Shiva altars over the globe in addition to the most astounding of all Panch Kedar holy places. The sanctuary of Tungnath is said to go back to almost 1000 years and is said to have been built by the Pandava siblings. As per myths the Pandavas went hunting down Lord Shiva so that their transgression of executing their own family gets acquitted. Be that as it may,  the fierce master wished to stay away from them and took the pretense of a bull keeping in mind the end goal to misdirect them. Yet, the master’s trap was discovered by Bhima; one of the Pandavas and as Bhima attempted snatch at the bull’s tail, the bull’s body deteriorated and later was rematerialized at the five better places which in the long run got to be distinctly well known as the Panch Kedar journey destinations. At Tungnath; one of the Panch Kedar, ruler Shiva’s Bahu or hands is said to have showed up. Subsequently the Pandavas raised a hallowed place at that place to demonstrate their respect for the master. Explore this holy abode of Lord shiva with our customized Tungnath yatra packages.

tungnath yatra

Tungnath Location

Tungnath holy place is roosted at a height of 3680m over the ocean level in the Tungnath mountain runs in Uttarakhand Rudraprayag region. The holy place has the Chandrashila crest recently above it.

Best time to visit Tungnath

The perfect time to visit Tungnath is around the months May and June and after that again around September and October. Past October it is difficult to go to Tungnath as the district stays clad in snow because of substantial snow fall. With the entry of summers around the time of May the snow dissolves away, offering approach to greenery and hues from the sprouting rhododendrons.

How to reach Tungnath

One needs to achieve Chopta, the base camp before moving towards Tungnath. Chopta can be come to from Rishikesh by benefiting the Chamoli-Gopeshwar-Chopta course on which taxis and additionally transports employ frequently. In the wake of achieving Chopta you need to trek a separation of 3kms to achieve Tungnath altar. The individuals who wish to make a trip via prepare need to achieve Rishikesh station first before taking the street course to Chopta before continuing for the Tungnath Yatra. On the off chance that you wish to go via aviation route, you have to travel to Dehradun Jolly give air terminal first before taking the street course to Chopta. We also provide transport services of your choice with our customized Tungnath yatra packages.


There are no lavish inns or resorts in Tungnath. You can however set up at Chopta in traveler camps or visitor houses on the off chance that you wish to end in the midst of the trip. The visitor houses for the most part accompany all the essential luxuries.

Nourishment at Tungnath

When you are moving towards Tungnath it is fitting for you to convey some stuffed nourishment and dry natural products to satisfy your appetite in transit. Eating outlets at Tungnath are entirely constrained to a modest bunch of Dhabas which serve veggie lover sustenance alone.

Sanctuary Puja

On this holy Tungnath yatra 2017, Puja is performed by ministers who are locals of the nearby Maku town. This is a takeoff from the typical convention set by Adi Guru Shankaracharya as in the various Kedar hallowed places minister hail from Southern India.

Sanctuary Opening and Closing Time

Tungnath sanctuary opens up for Darshan all the while with the opening up of yearly Chardham Yatra; i.e. around the times of April or May. Also, around the finish of October or start of November the sanctuary shuts down for the winter break post Diwali.

Tungnath Trekking

Aside from explorers, experience searchers too are drawn towards Tungnath. The trekking trail covers a trek of 3kms from Chopta and afterward again a trek of 1.5kms from Tungnath to come to the Chandrashila summit held up at a rise of 4000m over the ocean level. It takes around 3-4hrs approx to cross this trail and this is maybe the most brief of all Panch Kedar trekking courses.

The testing geography satisfies appropriately your hunger for experience giving you an adequate surge of the adrenaline. Likewise, the captivating view that you get the chance to see in transit gives you a joy that is magnificent inside and out.

Places to See Around Tungnath


Chopta is a hypnotizing, slumberous village and also vale falling on the Tungnath Yatra course. This is a perfect place to loosen up and look at nature with most extreme wonderment. You could likewise consider going by the celebrated around the world Kanchula Korak musk deer asylum. This asylum saves the extremely uncommon musk deer in addition to an endless exhibit of fauna and vegetation and is unquestionably justified regardless of a visit.


Chandrashila is a delightful summit that can be come to from Tungnath by trekking. From the summit of Chandrashila one can get a 360 degree captivating perspective of the eminent Himalayas. Legends hold that Lord Rama in the wake of rising triumphant from Lanka spent at some point pondering at this spot.

Deoria Tal

Deoria Tal is a pellucid lake with a captivating feeling. One needs to trek tough to come to the tal. The waters of the lake unmistakably reflect the picture of the encompassing pinnacles and it is normally trusted that the Gods, Goddesses and fairies bathe in the Deoria Tal.

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