Madmaheshwar Travel Guide

madmaheshwar travel guide

Discover Nature with Madmaheshwar Travel Guide

Explore the wild unparalleled picturesque of Madmaheshwar with our Madmaheshwar Travel Guide. Madmaheshwar temple is a well known temple of Lord Shiva which is situated at a height of 3490 mts above ocean level in Rudraprayag area of Uttarakhand,  India. The temple comes among Panch Kedars and in this manner to a great degree prominent among national and in addition International visitors. It’s a superb shake sanctuary and you’ll discover a Swayambhu shivaling inside the sanctuary that speaks to the navel of extraordinary Lord Shiva. Nandi Bull and Small holy place of Parvati and Gauri Shankar can be found at the outside of this sanctuary. Other than this, you’ll locate a little altar produced using heaped rocks named Budha Kedar over 300 mts above Madmaheshwar. Discover this scenic natural beauty with our Madmaheshwar Travel Guide.

madmaheshwar travel guide

 ” An Unparalleled picturesque “

Amazing perspective of Nanda Devi, Bandarpooch, Neelkant, Panchachullis and Garhwal Himalayas can be seen from Madmaheshwar. You can’t visit this sanctuary during the time as sanctuary opens just in the time of April-May in light of the atmosphere condition and shut in the third week of November. Madmaheshwar Yatra is the most well known sanctuary and a critical piece of Garhwal tourism. Overwhelming snowfall amid winter enhances enchanted perspective of this place. Going to Madmaheshwar temple in the middle of the time of May to June is the best time to visit this place. Our Madmaheshwar Travel Guide  will guide you throughout the journey and will provide you the best travel experience ever. From stay to transfer, sightseeings tours etc., we make your journey a memorable one.

Best time to visit Madmaheshwar

Madmaheshwar is otherwise called Madhyamaheshwar, so don’t get confounded about its name. Summer and Spring season are expected as the best time to visit this temple i.e. in the middle of the times of May to October. However, going by Madmaheshwar amid storm season could be frenzied for you as substantial precipitation happens amid this time. Along these lines, visit the sanctuary amid summer or spring and appreciate a definitive wonder of this place.

Popular tourist place nearby Madmaheshwar

Madmaheshwar Travel Guide will guide throughout sighseeings of Madmaheshwar. There are ots of attractions in Madmaheshwar. Budha Madhyamaheshwar, Gaundhar, Joshimath, Kanchani Tal, Kalimath Siddh Peeth are some prominent visitor puts adjacent to Madmaheshwar and can be gone to effectively on the off chance that your outing is going for Madmaheshwar Yatra.

It’s a little outline on Madmaheshwar, a prominent sanctuary of Lord Shiva. Trust, this would be useful for you.

How to reach Madmaheshwar

Air: Nearest air terminal is Jolly Grant, 244 kms.

Rail: The closest railhead, Rishikesh, is 227 kms.

Street: To achieve Madmaheshwar, the separation of 196 kms. from Rishikesh to Kalimath is motorable. The adjust 31 kms. must be secured by walking. Madmaheshwar can likewise be come to by 21 kms trek from Uniana.

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