Kalpeshwar Trek Guide

kalpeshwar trek guide

Explore A Breathtaking Trekking Experience

Kalpeshwar Trek Guide

Kalpeshwar is a treat for adventure lovers.  Explore these challenging treks of Kalpeshwar with kalpeshwar trek guide. We will guide you throughout your journey for the perfect experience. Trekking in this rough territory is a most loved where the trekkers are given the a portion of the hardest trekking courses. Trekking through this captivating wide open is a surprising background since it unwraps the wild excellence of the Himalayas completely. Trekking through the winding courses spreads out the polished nature and the trekkers would feel the crisp smell of the greenery. The trekkers are amidst woods regions of rich widely varied vegetation,  which has its own particular unconventional qualities.

A Serene Ambiance for meditation

At Kalpeshwar Temple in Uttarakhand, Hindu God Shiva is loved as Jateshwar. The tangled locks or hair of Shiva is revered in this sanctuary which is a piece of the Panch Kedar Yatra. Kalpeshwar is the last went by hallowed place amid the journey to five sanctuaries of Shiva in the Kedarkhand district. This is a buckle sanctuary. The trek to Kalpeshwar is steep from Helang, which is around 102 km from Rudraprayag. Kalpeshwar trek guide will provide you the best trekking experience.

kalpeshwar trek guide

Kalpeshwar Temple has the normally showed up swayambhu jata or hair of Shiva in the state of a projecting rock. In the sanctuary premises there is a little stream which develops out of a stone and water gathers in a rough dejection to frame the Amrit Kund or Nectar lake.

This sanctuary in Panch Kedar yatra is open consistently, dissimilar to different sanctuaries which are shut amid hard winter season (November to March).

Legend has it that Indra venerated Shiva here after he lost Indralok or paradise because of a scourge of Sage Durvasa. Indra recaptured his position soon with the gift of Shiva.

How to reach Kalpeshwar temple

National Highway 58 – Rishikesh to Rudraprayag then to Helang

Rudraprayag to Helang is 102 kilometers.

From Helang Trek to Urgam then to Devgaon to Kalpeshwar Temple. Presently there is a street up to Devgaon.

It is an about 6-hour trek from Helang to Devgaon.

From Devgaon it is around 45-mintue stroll to Kalpeshwar Temple. There are two visitor houses at Devgaon.

Our Kalpeshwar trek guide will guide you to reach the trek. The trek from Helang to Devagaon is steep – Helang is around 4900 ft in height and Devgaon is around 8200 ft in elevation.

Best Time to Visit Kalpeshwar

The late spring months March to June are warm and sunny with clean sky and satisfying climate. Light cottons will be sufficient for visit around Kalpeshwar.

Storm months July and August design Kalpeshwar area with stupendous excellence. The green environs and charming perspective of Himalayas amid the precipitation is unsurpassed. Overcoat is the must have thing for visit around Kalpeshwar amid rainstorm.

Spring months October and November are dazzling with clear sky, satisfying climate and cool climatic condition in Kalpeshwar. Period of foods grown from the ground, spring makes Kalpeshwar area all the more exuberant and flawless.

Winter in Kalpeshwar is chilling icy and here and there the temperature goes underneath zero. Warm woolen garments are must amid Kalpeshwar visit in winter season.

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